If somebody is very fearful of needles because that’s one of the first things and the most commonly asked question on the web about acupuncture needles. Can you explain to someone who was afraid of needles, you know why acupuncture relies on needles what’s the point and why it’s an essential part of the treatment but maybe why not fear it? Yeah, that’s a good question. Boel Acupuncture uses needles to coerce the nervous system to be in harmony with itself there’s a lot of competing vibrations and effects that the body sends back to the brain, concerning the stimulation, and when those aren’t working together, we have dis-integration or dis-ease in the body. What the acupuncture needle does, is put a very talented musician next to somebody who is not doing their job appropriately, in order to show them how to stay in rhythm, how to stay in tune, and the body naturally melts that information into homeostasis; which is the body’s natural way of balancing itself, right? When we get hot, we cool off when we get dry we moisten, when we get empty, we fill up.

That’s all very natural, and that’s happening all the time when that falls apart it’s because of a lack of communication; and that communication is being shown through evidence with patients, even on lab animals that the brain reconnects things that are disconnected with acupuncture. The needles are needed because stimulation of the nervous system is how the body changes habits from what kind of works a little bit, to what’s optimal. The stimulation that I give is not sharp, stabbing, I’m drawing blood, or getting a vaccine type needle. Our needles are as thick as human hair and no thicker. Our needles in the hands of an expert practitioner will move through the skin quickly and not cause that sensation, and when it reaches the target then there is a sense of peace and calm, the endorphins kick in, almost like a message.

There is a spreading and a quieting, in a relaxing sensation and the grand majority of my patients find it very comforting and positive as an experience not just in effect.

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