The inflammation stops as it starts to go away. Many times people with psoriasis will have back problems because the same waste that’s building the cells that are building on their skin our cellular waste in the body that the body has to deal with. Plus the body is sending fibrin into those areas to try and heal it. So then were having accelerated cellular waste and fibrin deposition. So we want to be able to clean this stuff up by making the body more alkaline is key and we do that by eating more alkaline diet eating more fish, omega-3 is a very good for the skin. We want to limit alcohol, caffeine, red meat and wheat. Some research even says eat whole wheat, no to me whole wheat is still acid-forming we want to stay away from caffeine, coffee, again wheat and red meat. It’s not forever it’s really just until you get control of your issues. You’ll see your life will change. So again it’s important to start thinking about your lymphatic system and in psoriasis we never hear it mentioned. So there’s a system that must clean our skin, especially the superficial lymphatic system which is dependent on breathing.

So what do you do? You know you come to we recently just changed the name to I do coaching for people around the world and it makes a great change. I mean these people are desperate they don’t know what’s going on with them. Once I explain and show them pictures of the lymphatic system and explain simple things they can do they feel relief they have hope. That’s one thing I give people a lot of his hope one day understand the lymphatic system. So if you’re in the Phoenix area please give me a call because I do a fully closed session but I will activate your lymphatic system, teach you how to activate your lymphatic system and you read my book. Or during my coaching I don’t just work on your body I actually talk to you and see what you’re doing in your life and teach your little tricks that I’ve learned over 22 years of having to manage my life and my lymphatic system.

Because it’s not about being perfect, I’m not that type of person. I’m not a vague and I’m not a vegetarian. I want to live my life but I understand the value of vegetables. All the research I put out on my facebook page and twitter from other researchers is really about how, you know, a healthier diet. Fruits and vegetables can really forestall a lot of the diseases that we have and can help you have a healthier better life. But the thing is most fruits and vegetables are alkaline and make our lymphatic system flow and when our body flows, when our organs flow, when our skin flows, then we do much better.

We have complete circulation. So again if i can help you understand how to get rid of your psoriasis, no matter where you may live but if you’re in Phoenix your lucky come see me. But just one hour of talking with me, if you do decide on doing coaching, you will see a dramatic difference. It’s not so much about eating a perfect diet for a while. It’s more about knowing that we have to clean up first bit for a specific amount of time. Then you can go back to a normal diet for a few, you know days or weeks, and we go back into another cleansing. It’s really about learning how to clean on an everyday basis and then our health problems really just go away. If I can help you, contact me at and I’ll gladly help you understand the lymphatic system and its role in psoriasis. Thanks.