We’re going to talk about psoriasis. This is something that I see a lot in my office dealing with the lymphatic system. People come to me for that, but not only psoriasis it could be eczema and children you see that a lot and when we look at skin problems it really is a clear sign that the lymphatic system is having a problem and let me explain that the lymphatic system has really different levels there’s a superficial lymphatic system and a more in-depth lymphatic system the superficial lymphatic system is right under your skin. So if you were to touch your skin very gently without really indenting it, that’s your superficial lymphatic system. It’s everywhere, and it’s a narrow river that must move through your axilla nodes up to your neck and ask go through your abdominal nodes if it’s down in your legs. So it is a river that has to remove fluid, fibrin, parts of dead cells, hormones, triglycerides, really the waste that’s in our body that can’t get into our veins.

So when we ignore this system that’s meant to clean us. We sort of fill with dead cell material, and that’s what’s happening in psoriasis, and you’ll see that it’s not just skin issues. Most people with psoriasis will have problems with other immune problems they’ll have possibly lymphomas they’ll have Crohn’s disease more digestive issues, and they even have more cardiovascular problems and even depression, and to me all of these problems can indeed be related to the lymphatic system not functioning optimally and we’re filling with cellular waste.

Wherever that cellular waste builds, we have problems. So again if it’s in our superficial lymph system that is where we get our skin problems. So our superficial lymph system is only dependent on breathing. So when we take a deep breath and let it out a little force, we’re pulling lymph fluid and venous fluid through our tissues. But if you’ve looked around, I do this with all my lectures and classes, people really don’t breathe, and if we’re in pain we breathe minimal we sort of slouch and we just you know we’re not feeling well. But we have to learn that we’re in control of our lymph system and by merely breathing more we can help our skin, but of course, it’s much more than that, right. We’re filling with cellular waste so we have to learn ways to open up our tissues and we do that by balancing pH in our body. Because when we’re acidic and remember, we spend 50 billion dollars on antacids and Prilosec so we know there’s an acid problem.

But when we become slightly acidic, our lymphatic system constricts and can no longer clean as it should be. So we slowly filled with cellular waste and that’s why diseases like psoriasis develop and get worse, but there’s hope! When you understand the lymphatic system, when you know how to maintain and detox your lymphatic system, you’ll be putting a step into whatever you are already doing because you probably become the expert. So most people become try everything which is great, but we have to work the lymphatic system. So you want to do a lymphatic therapy often I see a difference in clients from the first session of opening their lymphatic system.